Content management

Produce visual contents including banners, infographic and product images
We make sure the information is visually consistent on all channels and professionally designed. Our purpose is to capture customer’s attention with eye-catching contents, making browsing online store an enjoyable experience.

Follow brand’s guidelines to come up with online contents
Contents for running campaigns and informing customers about the products are based on requirements from brands such as image quality criteria, product positioning and product description.



E-store management

Develop online marketplace.
We develop online channels to push sales and increase brand’s online market share. With our channel management system, our team is able to operate multiple marketplaces while maintaining brand image.

Manage product contents for brand’s shop-in-shop (SiS).
Product category prices and features are updated regularly following the level of demands and market trends. AAD coordinates with marketplaces to arrange prominent campaigns and promotions featuring on their website.

Maintain assortment optimal on all channels to maximize sales.
Our assortment plans are backed by our data analytics and demand forecasting. We manage promotions like bundling and percentage discounts, provide sales insights and real-time market data to maximize sales growth.

Monitor customer behaviour
We gather customer relations with detailed reports on customer feedbacks and orders to gain insights into each channel’s performance. With this information, we could optimize SiS operation and maximize conversion rate.



E-commerce operation system and standardized warehouse network
We are able to reduce warehouse cost and fasten lead-time to offer your online customers great shopping experience. SKUs on each marketplace are managed and distributed from a centralized system. Our warehouse infrastructure was designed to support varied sizes of products.

Partnership with 3PL warehouses
AAD works with well-known 3PLs to convert their conventional warehouses into e-commerce ready ones by applying our unique software system, designs and operations. 3PL services support our warehousing operation, cargo management, order processing, inventory coordination and transportation.

Monitor real-time stock and stock replenishment process.
Daily stock replenishment process is carried out to ensure up-to-date inventory availability.

Consult, report and review performance for each online channel.
Our team is specialized in consulting brands and executing online strategy. By collecting regular reporting on sales, stock availability and promotional performance, we help guide brands to decide the best online channels to reach their target customers.


Business Intelligence

In-depth analytics about the market, customers and products
Our data analytics are utilized to monitor prices, benchmark competitiveness, push sales and discover market opportunities. Also, customer behavior analysis provides market insights, ensuring suitable assortment suggestion at the right time and through the right channels.

Live and visualized performance dashboards and reports
By leveraging our system which records any change of an item sold throughout its life cycle, we are able to generate live and customizable dashboards that provides performance visibility, highlighting trends and detecting abnormalities of listing products in all channels.