Our story


E-commerce in SEA will have a market size of $88.1B in 2025 according to latest report from Google & Temasek. We believe that main contribution will be from Brands & SMEs who play a pivotal role in the e-commerce success.

AAD was founded in 2016 by a group of internet veterans sharing the same values and vision to help Brands & SMEs resolve their challenge to thrive in e-commerce. We develop a proprietary platform and an e-commerce-built automation & data-driven process that enable Brands to sell on all e-commerce platform and support SMEs operate E-commerce business including Inventory control, Sales management, and Financial Reconciliation.

With the knowledge and experiences gained through a long time working in e-commerce industry, we were able to identify service gaps regarding e-commerce operations and sense a promising e-commerce market in SEA. As a results, AAD was established to connect customers, brands and channels by delivering smart solutions customized to their needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide e-commerce end-to-end services.

We have our presences in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore are currently headquartered in Vietnam with a presence on 11 marketplaces in the region. As a fast growing company, we are expecting new operating offices in the region in the near future.

In terms of brand partnerships, we have partnered with many international brands namely Abbott, Xiaomi, Heineken, Shiseido, Unicharm, Bosch, Philips as we work closely with our strategic partners to come up with highly effective digital solutions across multiple online channels.

Core values




As an e-commerce start-up, we always improve ourselves in terms of innovation, quality and timeliness. With the right technology, we enable our clients, Brands & SMEs, sell smarter in e-commerce.



We are a community of passionate people towards e-commerce and it is the key to offering customer-centric experiences. They are not working for us but with us to create something awesome together.



At AAD, we embrace failure because it’s all about finding issues, fixing them and learning from the mistakes as a team. Failing fast is the key to innovation and insights that leads to our success.